Homemade Pizza

During scholl holidays when we have a little more time together as a family we like to have a baking day.  As well as cakes, biscuits and scones we also like to make some homemade bread dishes.  As well as a pizza base we also like to make sweet bread tray bakes, one with apple and almonds, the other with bananas and walnuts.
We make our dough from scratch using a Jamie Oliver recipe.  For the pizza I use half of the dough.
Roll the dough out and then add some tomato puree and a splash of Worcestershire Sauce.
We then add our own toppings.  The Girl picked ham, pepperoni, cheddar and mozzarella with another splash of Worcestershire Sauce.
I left the pepperoni off and added mushrooms.  We cooked them at 220 degrees for 15/20 minutes as we like a deep pan dough.
Served with a green salad but sadly they were eaten up before I could take a photo of the cooked pizza.

Next week I will blog about the sweet breads we made.


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